Recently, I was at a Diamond Mastermind event in Bali, Indonesia, and Venkat Ramineedi, a U.S. Diamond member, asked me a question. He wanted to know if you are an affiliate for several different companies, what is the best way to promote all of your interests without confusing your audience?

First off, what I think Venkat really wants to know is how do you become successful in affiliate marketing? And what are some suggestions or tips that you could follow in order to start making income?

Let’s answer his original question first, which is, should you promote multiple offers from different companies? My advice is no; you should not promote more than one offer nor represent more than one company when you’re new to AM. It would be different if you were already making a six-figure income, but it’s best to keep things simple when you’re just starting out.

Multiple Offers
Promoting multiple programs at the same time will rob you of focus, which in turn will confuse your customer list. You won’t be able to give each offer your full attention, and the programs you promote won’t reach their maximum potential. The worst part for you is that the income you generate will reflect that.

To remedy this, build your list by promoting just one product you can give your full concentration. Once you get the hang of it and have seen some success, promote another offer that’s related so that you can build off the first one. The idea is to promote with a purpose, play the long game, build relationships and add value to your list.

Below are some other AM tips that will help you. Follow this advice when you start promoting, and you’ll be on your way to your first of many commissions!

Focus on Relationships First
Trust is a key factor in affiliate marketing. You’re recommending an offer to your list, and you want them to listen. Would you listen to a stranger? Be authentic in all your communication. Don’t always ask, but give back and add value to your list. They’ll be more willing to trust you.

Focus on Building Traffic
Without eyeballs seeing your offers, you can’t promote anything, so also concentrate on building traffic. Make sure it’s quality traffic, too. Paying for traffic can save you valuable time that ends up being worth so much more than its cost.

Promote Wisely
Only promote products, which you could reasonably stand behind. Have you used them yourself? Would you want to purchase a product endorsed by someone you trust only to find out they never even tried it? That’s not authentic and can result in tainting your reputation. Be sure to try out any product you wish to advertise before promoting an offer.

Final Thoughts
There are so many offers out there, how do you choose? One suggestion is to find one that solves a known problem for your list. Ask yourself the question; would your list reasonably purchase this product offer? How would it benefit them? Is the price point reasonable for your list? Following these suggestions will help you earn your first affiliate marketing commission. Good luck!

Matt Lloyd